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Our charity helps un-previlaged students continue their education

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Kindness & Humanity

go far ... help students get the education they deserve
They contribute to their community and families for generations. And
this goes really far

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They need your help

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We connect doners & supporters to thriving students who are looking for a brighter future. We invite you to join us and
be part of this greater and exciting cause


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About us

Karmanian Foundation helps students in under-developed areas with scholarship, so that they can continue their academic studies beyond high school.

We are agroup of professionals trying to faciltate the connection between doners and receivers and make it as transparent and effective as possible.

Volunteer Needed

Welcome to us

Karmanian Foundation welcomes you and your volunteering efforts. Information on how you can join our volunteers will be provided soon.

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Our Team


Farhad Taghibakhsh

Founder & Director

Cupertino, California, USA


Maryam Rohani

Director & Treasurer

Los Angeles, California, USA


Marjan Nemati


Lynnwood, Washington, USA


Amin Anjomshoaa


Vienna, Austria

Upcomming event

Announcement: The Karmanian Foundation is to be announced at IMPULSE
a musical performance organized by Diaspora Arts Connection, San Jose, California, November 22, 2015

IMPULSIVE hosted by Diaspora Arts Connection

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